The Jealous Are Trouble to Others, but a Tormet to Themselves.

Jealousy is something I deal with a lot more than I should. The thing about jealousy is that it eats at every good thought that you have and turns it into something evil and ugly. It grabs you in by that one thought that you hate but is in someway addicting and so curious that you think about it more and more often until it escalates and turns into an idea that is almost permanently etched into your mind. 
Sometimes the jealousy can be so bad that you lose the ones you love over it. And of course you hate the jealousy for this, for all of it, those terrible, heart-aching thoughts it gives you and you want to scream at the jealousy until it finally leaves you alone.
Then it gets to a point where the jealousy isn’t even under your control any longer, you just become jealousy itself and everything to be envious of, you are and it’s painful, it’s sickening and the cruel irony of all of it? You’re jealous of those who never seem to be jealous.